Weddings, holidays, attending a gala, or going to a fine restaurant are examples of times you may dress formally. At each of these events, we want to present our best self as we celebrate with family and friends.
At Amalfi Fine Art, we consider your family portrait a celebration and a piece of your family history.

This is the most elegant and meaningful portrait you will possess in a lifetime. Styles change over time, and clothing can draw attention away from your faces. For the best results, we suggest you adhere closely to the dress code to ensure your portrait stands the test of time.

As a specialty studio, our backgrounds and lighting are tailored to render your portrait as a refined, distinguished piece of art. Wearing dark tones and clothing without pattern will keep the light on the face and eyes, not the clothing. We also recommend your family wear a similar color theme to tie the individuals together, creating a sense of unity.

Below are recommendations for attire. If you are unsure of what to wear or what color scheme is best, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you select the best attire for your portrait.

  • Gentlemen – Dark tuxedo or suit and tie. Ties for men and boys should coordinate.
  • Ladies – Dark or Jewel-toned dress or gown. Classic jewelry such as diamonds or pearls is encouraged. Little to no pattern is preferred. Dresses that flow below the waist are preferred rather than a tight fit. Choose timeless clothing, avoid current trends.
  • Young Ladies – Dark or Jewel-toned solid dresses. Cream or off-white are also acceptable for girls 4 and under.
  • Young Gentlemen – Same as men, or a solid sweater with dress pants. Lighter colors are acceptable for boys 4 and under.
  • Ballet, equestrian, and musical instruments are also encouraged for your portrait. If you would like to capture other events, please contact us to ensure your attire will transform into the elegant portrait you desire.

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that women get professional hair and makeup done to look their best for this timeless portrait.