Weddings, holidays, attending a gala, or going to a fine restaurant are examples of times you may get dressed up. At each of these events, we want to present our best self as we celebrate with family and friends.
At Amalfi Fine Art, we consider your family portrait a celebration and a piece of your family history.

This is the most elegant and meaningful portrait you will possess in a lifetime. As a specialty studio, our backgrounds and lighting are tailored to render your portrait as a refined, distinguished piece of art. Wearing dark tones and clothing without pattern will keep the light on the face and eyes, not the clothing. We also recommend your family wear a similar color theme to tie the individuals together, creating a sense of unity.

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that women get professional hair and makeup done to look their best for this timeless portrait.

Below are two galleries.  The first shows the Ultra Formal Style that most of our clients choose. However, some do prefer something more casual so you can see some samples of that in our second gallery below.

The Ultra Formal Style

Semi Formal